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The Council, your energy bills and BIU

Earlier this year, the Council engaged energy consultant British Independent Utilities (BIU) to audit gas and electricity bills going back 6 years. The outcome for most schools who are supplied via the Laser energy supply framework is a correction to the amount of VAT applied to your bill, usually resulting in a lower bill going forward. Beyond this, many schools also benefitted from a retrospective credit for the amount of Climate Change Levy (CCL) incorrectly applied to their bills, with a corresponding reduction to the cost of energy on future bills.
Of course, nothing is free and the Council needs to recoup the cost of employing BIU’s services. We have already paid one tranche of fees totalling several £1000. However, we  would like your support in paying the remaining sum. For most schools, this will be a modest sum (around £250 or less). For some schools however, consuming larger volumes of energy, the fee may be higher. This is a one-time only cost; your bills will continue to reflect lower CCL charges and VAT duty. We will begin issuing invoices shortly and trust that you will support us with your payment in due course. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact Mike Sexton on 020 3045 5127

23 Nov 2015

Karen Wade
Procurement Service
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