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Providing comprehensive legal advice to schools
The aim of Legal Services is to provide a comprehensive legal service to schools. Advice and assistance is provided across a range of specialist areas with particular reference to employment and contr...

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Disadvantaged Learners Conference
19 Sep
Reaching their full potential Our conference is for leaders in education who are committed to creating the best possible futures for our young people and want to know how to raise and maintain high standards of education in ways which are generative and supportive. 28 February 2020 9.15 - 4.00 Civic Offices, 2 Watling Street, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7AT
Click here for the BESS 2019-20 Brochure
13 May
Bexley Education Support Service Brochure 19-20 We are delighted to present our new support offer for 2019-20, and as you browse through the brochure, I trust many of you will recognise that this is an offer that has been built with you, reflecting what you have indicated is needed and drawing in partner expertise to ensure that you can access high quality support locally. We continue to operate within a national educational landscape which reflects that society faces significant challenges and a pace of change that is unprecedented. My team want to stand alongside you to meet our shared ambition that all children will thrive now and in the future. The partnership approach that you requested has shaped the journey whilst developing the offer. We asked Heads and MAT leaders what you needed and where you felt there were gaps in what was available. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the head teachers and multi-academy trust leaders who have given their time to support this work. You told us that recruitment remains a challenge and the offer anticipates the early career framework for teachers as well as providing on-going opportunities for developing all teachers and leaders, drawing on the Bexley Teaching School Alliance expertise. We are delighted to work with nationally renowned leaders and organisations, with elements of the offer representing cutting edge research, ideas and thought leadership. There are some potential solutions to local challenges; we are pleased to be able to offer the SENCo accreditation locally as well as work that responds to both current inspection themes and recognises the implications of the draft framework. Perhaps most importantly, I would like to draw your attention to our values as these demonstrate how Bexley Education Support Service seeks to complement the development of an exceptional local education system. Our intention is to be a niche provider of school improvement support because of our approach to partnership working. I am confident that you will see over the following pages an enhanced core offer to schools; and if you are a Bexley school, I look forward to outlining in the summer term how the offer connects to our new school improvement model. Yours faithfully, Lauren Ovenden Head of Strategic Education Partnership and School and College Improvement
Privilege library ticket
12 Oct
Bexley Library Service offers a special ticket to support your work with children
The Council, your energy bills and BIU
23 Nov
Earlier this year, the Council engaged energy consultant British Independent Utilities (BIU) to audit gas and electricity bills going back 6 years. The outcome for most schools who are supplied via the Laser energy supply framework is a correction to the amount of VAT applied to your bill, usually resulting in a lower bill going forward. Beyond this, many schools also benefitted from a retrospective credit for the amount of Climate Change Levy (CCL) incorrectly applied to their bills, with a corresponding reduction to the cost of energy on future bills. Of course, nothing is free and the Council needs to recoup the cost of employing BIU’s services. We have already paid one tranche of fees totalling several £1000. However, we would like your support in paying the remaining sum. For most schools, this will be a modest sum (around £250 or less). For some schools however, consuming larger volumes of energy, the fee may be higher. This is a one-time only cost; your bills will continue to reflect lower CCL charges and VAT duty. We will begin issuing invoices shortly and trust that you will support us with your payment in due course. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact Mike Sexton on 020 3045 5127
Gas meters in schools
29 Jun
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT We are writing to advise of the pending industry wide gas meter de-aggregation associated to Project Nexus, details of which can be found here: http://www.gasgovernance.co.uk/nexus As a result of this project, your gas supplier will be de-aggregating your gas meters on 1st July 2015. For the majority of schools and all those signed into the Bexley/Laser energy framework, the supplier is Total Gas & Power. The change, however, applies regardless of who your gas supplier may be. What this means for you: • An increase in the number of invoices you receive (one invoice per meter rather than multiple meters appearing on the same invoice) • For some sites there may be changes to the frequency which your supplier will collect meter readings • Initially, your standing charge will be split equally across all supplies (e.g. 2 aggregated supplies receiving a daily standing charge of £10 will receive daily standing charges of £5 each) • When your annual price change takes place in October, your gas supplies will be allocated specific charges based on the individual meter’s consumption & usage profile. This may result in a different standing charge for each meter. “ It is important that you take a reading from all/any gas meters on site on or around 30th June as this will inform future billing.
Make large savings by using the Procurement SLA
22 Apr
The Bexley Procurement Department are offering access to two framework contracts which could provide you with 50% savings on your current spend. Telephone Line Rental and Call Charges We recently helped an organisation linked to Bexley to save 53% on their annual expenditure on telephone line rental and call charges. There is a minimum amount of work for you to do. • You provide the company with copies of your last 6 months invoices • The company analysis’s the invoices and provides a comparison report which details the savings. • The company handle the transfer from your current service provider. Advantages • One point of contact for all services. • A dedicated Account Manager. • Information is supplied in an easy to read format saving time and energy poring over lengthy documents. • Services of a local Business Manager who can help you with your future requirements. Washroom Services This popular contract is still available for use. When the council moved over to this contract it saved nearly £20,000. This contract offers a complete washroom service solution including a collection and disposal service of: • Sanitary, Nappy and Incontinence, Medical Sharps, Clinical/Incontinence and Offensive Waste Bins • Roller Towels • Hand Dryers • Washroom Equipment What you receive is the same you just pay less. To access these contracts all we ask you to do is to sign up to the 2015/16 Procurement Service Level Agreement. We have not increased our prices. The savings you can make from accessing the above contracts will more than pay for the cost of purchasing our service level agreement. For further information: e mail procurement@bexley.gov.uk or telephone Sue Morton on 020 3045 5124
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Training & Events

22 Jan
Women Without Limits: Leadership Essentials for New and Aspiring Senior Women Leaders
Are you a woman who dares to lead? Are you willing to walk the 'hard yards' but lead your people well? Are you willing to be vulnerable in taking the right risks for children and young people even if you walk alone? Do you believe in 'if not you, then who'? Does that all sound massively exciting and a little bit frightening? Then this is the course for you! This women-only leadership cohort will explore what it means to be a great female leader. You’ll learn about and challenge thinking around what outstanding leadership is, the role of personality style and the art of creating incredible people and inspiring cultures. Participants will have the opportunity to learn key coaching skills and tools for honest and, sometimes, difficult conversations as well as exploring some of the challenges women in leadership face in terms of balancing well-being, home responsibilities and career. This is a place to network with other similar inspirational women leaders. Participants have the option of purchasing an MBTI® personality report for £100 which will complement session two. Participants interested in this course should come prepared to share openly and honestly about their vision, leadership strengths, next steps and real-life experiences with this highly trusting and confidential group.
22 Jan
Governors Network Session
This will be an open networking session for all governors – bring your ‘highs and lows’ to share with colleagues. There will be a topical debate to open the session and this will be decided and published nearer the time.
23 Jan
Primary - Attendance and Behaviour Network
Within these termly network events, leaders and key personnel involved in leading setting strategy and policy around behaviour, exclusion and attendance, are invited to listen to the latest local and national updates, access key training and network with other safeguarding personnel. These sessions will ensure that leaders are kept up-to-date with the national and local direction of travel. This course is Free and Open to all Bexley and non-Bexley Leaders
23 Jan
Additional Income Streams - How to monitor
Additional funding through Pupil Premium needs to be well spent for the benefit of the children and as governors you have responsibility for ensuring that there is a clear strategy with intent, implementation and impact through measurable outcomes. Similarly primary Sports Premium should be improving the quality experiences of the children and upskilling the teachers through CPD to deliver a broader curriculum. How do you know this is happening? For secondary schools there is the opportunity of Year 7 Catch-up Premium to provide a structured induction to ease the transition for some of the more vulnerable children. How is the impact of such a scheme measured?
23 Jan
Fire Extinguisher Training
This 2 hour session will cover the following: • Fire science (A discussion around how fires start and spread and how to prevent them) • Fire safety legislation (A group discussion about the importance of complying with the RRO and what role fire wardens play in fire safety) • Real fire case study (A video case study of a real fire) • The theory of portable fire extinguishers (An interactive exercise on selecting the correct fire extinguisher) • Hands on training in the correct use of portable fire extinguishers • (All delegates will get to use either a water or carbon dioxide extinguisher on a fire) • Q and A and close
23 Jan
Fire Marshal Training
This 4 hour session will cover the following: Fire legislation, facts and figures Combustion principles and how fire spreads How to spot common hazards Actions in the event of fire and evacuation principles Fire wardens responsibilities Routine fire safety checks Fire extinguisher theory