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Bexley Early Years Education Newsletter
25 Mar
Bexley Early Years Education Newsletter Click download for further details
Make sure you are completely up to date with phonics and phonics screening!
25 Feb
Book now for the training that will support you in teaching phonics and administering the phonics screening check in 2019. 25th April at Old Bexley Primary School, Hurst Rd, Bexley DA5 3JR To book a place on this session please click this link Follow us on Twitter:@EIS Bexley
Privilege library ticket
12 Oct
Bexley Library Service offers a special ticket to support your work with children
NQT 2018-19
30 Apr
The aim of the Bexley NQT Induction Service is to give our NQTs the best opportunity to successfully complete their induction period. The London Borough of Bexley will act as the Appropriate Body for Induction of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs). The Appropriate Body, along with the headteacher/principal is jointly responsible for the supervision and professional development of the NQT during induction and has the main quality assurance role.
Governor Services Newsletter Summer Term 2018
17 Apr
For all School Governors please see attached your new style newsletter for the Summer Term 2018 which will keep you all updated with current issues. Don't forget you can view and book training sessions for this term by logging in to BSN. If you are having any problems using BSN please contact the Governor Services Team.
YADT Behavioural Support Service December Leaflet
06 Dec
Welcome to the YADT Behavioural Support Service. Being a young person in today’s world is challenging and here at YADT, we understand that some young people need a little extra support to help them get a positive start in life or overcome obstacles along the way. We aim to help young people with the issues that affect them. These can be a number of issues such as anger management, anxiety, improving confidence, enhancing communication and dealing with stress. The Behavioural Support Service can be delivered as group workshops or one-to-one behaviour support.
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24 Apr
Teaching Science in the Primary Years
An example of the session: Session One Improving investigative skills and the use of correct terminology in science. How do I do experiments properly with KS 1 and 2 students? A 90 minute session on investigative skills in science and how to carry out fun and important experiments safely in a primary setting, and present the information gathered correctly. 1.30 Sessions start with brief introduction and outline for each session. 1.40 Establish existing knowledge of parameters of investigations and use of correct terminolgy. 1.45 Carry out some simple investigations and look at the skills required to understand the objective of the experiment. 2.15 Identify the variable, look at various demonstrations to identify the variables and the importance of them in carrying out valid experiments. 2.30 How to present the data they have obtained correctly. 2.45 What does assessment look like for experiments. 3.00 Arrangements for next session and gather feedback and evaluation. What people have sais about Teri's courses: “The presenter was really well qualified to deliver the course and knew what would make an impact and maintain teachers’ interest throughout. She provided us with many useful tips, techniques, and resources that we have added to our shared drive at school. Overall the morning was fun and informative!” "I came wanting to know how I can improve plant science for SEN and will be taking [what I have learnt] back to share with colleagues" (Jan)
25 Apr
Phonics and phonics screening
There will be an overview of phonic theory and effective approaches will be discussed. Assessment will be covered along with the phonics screening check. Implications of the check and appropriate interventions for pupils who are falling behind will be considered.
27 Apr
Safeguarding Update Workshop - Bexley-638 (Saturday 27 April 2019 9:30 - 12:30)
This training includes information regarding recent changes in legislation and guidance, the workshop will explore the implications of these changes for you and your setting. National and local updates, E-safety & current trends, referral processes, Local Authority's procedures, the Prevent Duty and how to demonstrate British Values in everyday routines & practice. Learning methods will include information briefing, group discussions, activities, quizzes and case studies.
27 Apr
SEND Workshop for PVI Settings - EY - 270419SENDWShop (Saturday 27 April 2019 9:30 - 12:30)
This is a practical workshop where you will have an opportunity to update and collate your SEND folder. Candidates are invited to bring along their current SEND folders for updating. Early Years Advisers will explain and clarify the pathways to referrals and answer your questions.
29 Apr
Cross-borough moderation of key stage 2 writing
This meeting will be discussion-based and requires participants to bring samples of work from their own classrooms to fuel debate.This session will provide an opportunity for teachers to work with the school based moderators, LA moderators for 2019 and other schools to discuss and validate their assessment judgements in English writing. Teachers will review writing from their own schools and other Bexley and Bromley schools in a respectful and supportive atmosphere ~ it is essential that participants bring samples of work at all standards to contribute to the debate. Colleagues will work together to ensure that their assessments are accurate and consistent with national standards.
30 Apr
EYFSP Assessment - Agreement Trialling/Moderation Workshop - (30 April 2019 13.30 - 15.30)
The session will include : 1. An overview of the moderation process, looking at the changes and additional guidance within the STA EYFS Profile Handbook 2018. 2. The 2018 ARA statutory document. 3. Good practice regarding moderation. 4. In addition - participants will : - work with the Early Years Moderation Manager to consider the EYFSP exemplification materials for the Early Learning Goals (ELGs) in order to make accurate, secure and robust teacher assessment judgements across the Profile. During the agreement trialling session reference will be made to the Sense Check information and Characteristics of Effective Learning (CELs) to ensure consistency of judgements across the ELGs. PARTICIPANTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO BRING ALONG : - 3 samples of evidence, ideally 3 children's Learning Journals / Journeys which give an overview of children's learning and development across the Early Learning Goals and / or three samples of writing : one for emerging, one for expected and one (possibly) of exceeding judgements in order to share with other delegates in a moderation exercise (delegates will be expected to participate in discussions / professional dialogues with colleagues about children's achievement sharing anecdotal examples / evidence) - The STA EYFS Profile Handbook 2018 - The Exemplification materials (Oct 2014 updated version)